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Middle School Program

The counselors provide support for students, parents and teachers. The focus of the counseling program is the development of the whole child, social, emotional, physical and intellectual. The counselors work closely with parents and staff to support and enhance the positive culture of this international school setting.

Services include observation, consultation, program planning, assessment, referral and working on plans for success for our probation and at-risk students.  Students will receive academic and personal support one-on-one, in small groups, or whole grade level settings.
Social and emotional issues addressed include but are not limited to, behavior management, peer relations, conflict resolution, self-confidence, stress management, substance abuse, depression, and the grieving process.

Counselors at each division monitor student progress and offer support to teachers in identifying learning needs, making referrals and program planning.

MS Counsellor Mona Katmah can be reached at