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Minimum requirements for acceptance at AIS is based upon:

  • Performance on the AIS assessment exam.
  • Academic performance behavior and information from former school(s).
  • Whether the academic program at AIS can meet the applicant's educational needs and learning style.
AIS reserves the right to keep admission Interview decisions confidential, and will not always be able to provide detailed information to parents regarding why their child/children was or was not accepted. The final decision of acceptance remains with AIS.
  • I understand the school's mission and student profile mentioned above.
  • All of the information on the application form is correct and complete.
  • I will submit all future documents that the school requires for my child's file in the timely manner.
  • I accept all school rules and regulations and I will cooperate with the school in applying them.
  • I will pay the tuition fees on time according to the AIS Business Office schedule.
  • I will accept full responsibility for any outcome of my child's behavior.

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