Superintendent’s Welcome

Welcome to the American International School, the Premier School in Kuwait.

Educate. Nurture. Serve.

At AIS, nurturing students to reach their potential is our fundamental purpose. We believe strongly in guiding students to develop strength of character and to experience learning in ways that are motivational and which provide impetus for action, creativity, and service. Students are very much at the center of our educational program and this provides the path to collaborative curricular engagement. We believe that student independence is a result of such a learning environment and that students who are nurtured persist and will find success after their experience with us.

Our PreK-12 education captures the essence of Kuwait, the region, and the larger international context of our International Baccalaureate World School. Our students and staff represent multiple nationalities and cultures and strive together as one. As we learn together, we gain from one another’s experience and ways of knowing. At AIS, we are impacted by our circumstances and are better prepared to join the world outside of our school due to such engagement.

AIS is growth-minded and reaches continuously for improvement. Our commitment to our School Improvement Plan (SIP) underscores our focus on being a premier international school, one that provides students a meaningful, rewarding, safe, and college-preparatory education. Incremental planning and collaboration set the tone and we are involved in initiatives that extend and advance our curriculum, while often leading the way through coaching and innovation.

We strive to develop students who are balanced and who appreciate rigor and learning by taking action. We fully understand that taking risks and being supported along the way leads to meeting one’s potential. Our program offers many academic options, leading students to be career-focused early in their educational journey. Numerous experiences in athletics and activities provide further opportunities for learning and support student mental fitness. We regularly celebrate high achievement, making progress, finding a solution, and the game winning goal.

Each and every member of our 300+ staff provide opportunities for our students to be engaged in their learning and are supported in doing so. We acknowledge that we must collaborate to ensure achievement and personal development. We engage our educational staff to develop their skills and to be impacted by the progressive nature of our curricular program. We are fortunate to be supported by a strong Board leading us to be better able to realize our success together at just the right time and to learn from one another’s passions.

To educate and nurture to impact the future. Celebrate this with us at AIS!

David Botbyl