Can you transfer from an IB school to an non IB school?

Students in an IB school can transfer to any school following any other curriculum.

Do you accept students with special needs?

We have no special needs programs.

Can I take a tour of AIS?

Please email the registrar

When will I receive a reply after submitting an application?

You will receive an email before the testing date. Generally our testing occurs February/March.

Is there an application deadline?

We receive completed applications from December through August based on seat availability.

What are the basic requirements for an application?

Please refer to the Admission Process Section.

Will my child be tested?

Applicants are tested based on seat availability.

I do not live in Kuwait. How do I apply?

You are welcome to apply online. We offer remote testing for applicants.

How are admissions results issued?

Admissions results are sent to parents only by email within two to three weeks of testing.

What is the cost of the admissions process?

A non-refundable KD 65 Application and Assessment fee must be paid before testing.
A non-refundable KD 100 application fee must be paid after acceptance to confirm placement.

When do I apply?

On an annual basis we start collecting online applications on December1 for the following academic year based on availability of seats.

What are the academic programmes at AIS?

We follow the US Common Core Standards and the International Baccalaureate programmes (PYP/MYP/DP). You can find more information about our programmes in the Academics section.

What if my child is currently enrolled at a British school?

Your child’s application will be reviewed based on the grade level your child is currently enrolled in and then compared to the American and British systems.