AIS prides itself on hiring qualified, experienced teachers with academic degrees from universities accredited by North America. Teachers are licensed or certified by virtue of formal teacher training. Although most teachers are North American, we employ teachers from all over the world, including Australia, Brazil, Lebanon, Kuwait, Turkey, Croatia, England, France, Georgia, New Zealand, Jamaica, and South Africa.

AIS nurtures students within a highly engaging and motivating professional culture built on the norms of collaboration and supportive instructional coaching. An AIS educator sees themselves as a role model within a classroom environment that is academically rigorous, inclusive, and driven by the inquiring mind of a diverse student body.

Within our educational programmes and initiatives, there is support for personal growth and development as teachers and leaders. We often personalize the learning experience in progressive and meaningful ways within our school through collaborative professional development time and externally through digital learning platforms and media that challenges our thinking and the actions we take within the classroom.

Professional development is continuous and expected, and at AIS, we are often setting the bar rather than responding to outside influencers. Each time we gather, we strive to learn and grow from one another. The IB programmes certainly do frame our learning and that of the student learning experience. Our accrediting authorities provide us the feedback we need to continuously demonstrate improvement and we are often looking at data as a way to provide the most significant experience to our students.

Our new staff experience how rewarding it is to have a professional dialogue with our staff accompanied with spontaneity and friendship, as well as open and honest communication alongside professionalism and collegiality. This paves the way for trusting relationships that are pillars of a well spirited school community. We also want our teachers to be balanced educators. The rich athletics and activities programs at AIS, as well as social communities and gatherings, help achieve this.

Students at AIS graduate and attend some of the best universities worldwide and our professional staff is also working on advanced degrees which is supported through significant professional development funding and a graduate degree grant offered to up to 15 staff on an annual basis.

Kuwait also offers an ideal opportunity for our staff to become life-long friends and colleagues. With shared staff housing and very limited expenses, staff are able to live close to school, allowing for easy collaboration, and are able to afford the travel excursions offered within, and just outside of, the Middle Eastern region.

The requirements to apply are:

• Native English Speaker
• Bachelor’s degree from North American accredited university/college
• Bachelor’s degree in elementary education degree for elementary teaching candidates
• Teaching certification and subject major in area for secondary teaching candidates
•Two Years of teaching experience preferred, but not required
• Two letters of recommendation requested from most recent employer
• Criminal Background Check required
• International Baccalaureate programme experience preferred, but not required (We happily train those without experience)
• Three letters of recommendation