Does AIS Kuwait adhere to Child Protection Laws?

AIS has strict policy in place to protect students and staff from harm and to ensure the safety of each member of our school community. Background checks are required and include police and international clearances from each country where an applicant has been employed, direct contact with prior supervisors, and other follow-up.

How do I apply?

We prefer that you work through our partners in recruitment – please refer to Recruitment Fairs and Schedules. If you do not currently work with either of these recruitment services, review our current vacancies section. You may send a cover letter and resume detailing your interest in a posted position to: superintendent@ais-kuwait.org. The resume must include current telephone and email addresses for three referees including your most recent employer or supervisor.

Will I receive a reply to my submission?

If you meet the basic requirements of the job posting, you will receive a response.

What are the basic requirements?

• Native English Speaker
• Bachelor’s degree from North American accredited university/college
• Bachelor’s degree in elementary education degree for elementary teaching candidates
• Teaching certification and subject major in area for secondary teaching candidates
• Two Years of teaching experience preferred, but not required
• Two letters of recommendation requested from most recent employer
• Criminal Background Check required
• International Baccalaureate programme experience preferred, but not required (We happily train those without experience)

Does AIS recruit singles, teaching couples, and families?

Yes. AIS recruits from all three groups and actively recruits families with school-age children.

Does AIS recruit native speakers of English from countries other than the USA and Canada?

On occasion, as needs demand, teachers of other nationalities are hired to our team, but preference is given to North American trained teachers.

Does AIS hire international teachers who have a "trailing" or non-teaching spouse?

No. It is not easy for a non-teaching spouse to gain employment in Kuwait. International teachers applying from within may be exempted from this practice.

Are there restrictions on working permits?

Yes. You must have a clean bill of health. Work permits are not usually granted to those who have reached the age of sixty. Ministry of Education requirements must be met.

Do you offer one-year contracts?


What job fairs do representatives of the school attend?

Representatives of AIS Kuwait attend many job fairs internationally.

Do you hire outside of recruitment fairs?

Yes. We occasionally hire teachers via Skype and other methods (word of mouth, current teacher recommendations/referrals, etc). We do prefer to meet teachers directly.

What documents will I require when applying?

Standard cover letter and resume that details education and outlines teaching experience.
All Degrees/ Diplomas
University Transcripts
Teaching Certification/ License
Passport that is valid for at least two years from September of the year of hire.

Are there additional documents required for married couples and families?

Upon being hired at AIS, other documents will be required:
Marriage license
Birth certificates of children