Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees Schedule
For Academic Year 2021-2022
According to Ministry of Education Guidelines

Grade Level Annual Tuition Registration fee First Installment
due September1,2021

Second Installment
due January1,2022

Third Installment
due April1,2022

Pre KG KD 3867 KD 100 KD 1260 KD 1260 KD 1247
KG 1     KD 2650 KD 100 KD 850 KD 850 KD 850
KG 2 KD 2871 KD 100 KD 924 KD 924 KD 923
GR.1-4 KD 3867 KD 100 KD 1256 KD 1256 KD 1255
GR.5-8 KD 4086 KD 100 KD 1329 KD 1329 KD 1328
GR.9- 12 KD 4531 KD 100 KD 1477 KD 1477 KD 1477

Tuition Fee Policy

  • A KWD 100 nonrefundable deposit is required upon enrollment of re-enrollment for every student to reserve a seat in the school. However, payment of a tuition deposit ensures a seat only when all other criteria have been met.
  • A student who withdraws during the first semester will have to pay the full tuition fees for the entire semester. A student who withdraws during the second semester will pay the full tuition for the whole year.
  • A student who enrolls in the second semester will have to pay 65% of the annual tuition.

Transportation Policy:

  • Student transportation services will be suspended until further notice for the 2021-2022 academic year in accordance with the Ministry of Education guidelines.

Payment Information:

  • Online Payments can be settled either through our website or through NBK Bank Transfer via Watani Online. Online payments will be credited to your family account and the updated statement will be emailed to you. Instructions for making payments online can be found below.
  • If you require a Ministry Stamped Receipt, you must make the payment at the Business Office through cash, cheque, or K-Net. Our office staff members will be available to receive tuition payments Sunday – Thursday, 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM.