Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School at AIS.

In the Middle School we provide a rigorous and balanced program for students during these important years. The Middle School supports students in Grades 5 through 8. Students in grade 5 are now part of the Middle Years Program (MYP.) They will be introduced to MYP0, which we believe bridges the gap from Elementary to Middle School. Students in grades 6 through 8 continue their IB program using MYP. In Middle School, students take a variety of MYP classes including Language and Literature, Math, Science, Individuals and Societies, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Physical and Health Education, Design, and various courses in the Arts.

We also have a weekly advisory program for all middle school students. During this time, students have opportunities to work with their teachers to develop organizational and interpersonal skills. Students will also have leadership and service opportunities to continue their holistic development while enriching the school climate and culture.

We believe in the holistic development of each student as we strive to produce globally minded citizens. This year, we will embrace Character Counts and the Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. Through our advisory program, we will explicitly teach these pillars and commit to modeling them throughout our daily lives at AIS.

Our teachers come from all over the world and are experts in their subject areas. Our desire is to help the youth of AIS develop the skills needed to be successful in High School and become engaged global citizens.

In Middle School, we care for your child by supporting their intellectual, emotional, and academic growth in a world-class learning environment. We encourage students to participate in the many athletic and academic extracurricular activities offered after school. By participating in these activities, students can develop the skills needed to excel academically while living a healthy and balanced life.

We look forward to getting to know you and your child.

Mrs. Dana Shuhaibar
Middle School Principal