Elementary School

Welcome to the Elementary Division and the Primary Years Program (PYP).  Academic achievement is our main goal where we focus on the whole child by nurturing individual talents and creating curious learners. Our school is a place where every child feels accepted, supported and valued. Each classroom has a community spirit where teachers and students learn together, work together, and have fun together.

The Elementary Division at AIS is a special place. Our teachers use researched best practices to implement the most effective instruction and make decisions that reflect the best interests of the students. We believe that teachers lead with love, patience, and understanding. We also believe learning should be meaningful and applicable to real life, and that when children are truly engaged in learning they are self-directed and motivated to strive for excellence each and every day. It’s important to us that our students are prepared to be thinkers, so they are productive global citizens.

The relationships between families and the school are vital to the success of our students, so we celebrate our parent and community partnerships. The Elementary School environment is congenial where courtesy and kindness prevail.

Educating students is a tremendous responsibility, and we are honored to teach every child at AIS-Kuwait.

Rebecca Stinson
Elementary School Principal