PYPX 2020 Launch

On November 24th our Grade 5’s were excited to launch the PYP Exhibition. PYPX is the culmination of all their learning throughout the PYP and gives children chance to design their own inquiry, complete their own research, take action and share their learning journey with our community.

This year, we launched the PYPX early to give our students several months to work with their team, their mentor and their teacher to really dive deep into their inquiry.

For the launch event students visited different stations run by teachers, coaches, librarians and specialists designed to help them learn more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The 17 goals, which are a focal point for efforts to improve life across the globe, will provide the direction for the PYPX. Each group of students will choose 1 goal to research, inquire into and ultimately to take action on. The launch helps our students learn more about the goals, think about which inspires them the most, and start their journey towards taking meaningful action.